Are mostly used on Illuminated light boxes, but we like to use them on windows as well. They are more expensive, but they allow light to pass through them, and every sign we make on a window with this vinyl, seems to glow and take on a life of its own.


And printed or screened patterned films which resemble wood, marble or stone, are also available. In general these speciality films have shorter life spans than the Calendared vinyl and are best suited to indoor or temporary outdoor uses. Printed and fluorescent vinyl in particular may fade if used in areas with direct sun exposure, sometimes in a matter of months.

most for your money

The type of vinyl you should use depends on several factors, including intended life span, location of installation, cost, and appearance. Obviously you should use the cheaper Calendared films when they are sufficient for your needs, but it is worth paying the price of cast vinyl in some situations. You might end up having to get the job redone sooner than you should, or even worse, not achieving the desired effect.

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