psychology of colours


Blue's coolness tends to connote dignity, serenity, wisdom and quite. While its use might not be appropriate for a business which wishes to emphasize speed and efficiency, it might be used by a business which wants to suggest that it has a leisurely pace and a general atmosphere of cultivation and calm. It also tends to suggest stability and is a color often used by banks and large corporations.


Purple has come to be associated with royalty, pomp and luxuriousness. Its visibility factor is low, making it unsuitable for freeway signs, but it is often used for personal service business such as beauty salons.


Brown is the color of the earth and tends to connote naturalness and strength. Businesses which want to indicate their strength and mainstream value system often use brown and wood hues in their signs. Brown often connotes ranching and farming. Some fast-food franchises have used brown on their signs to suggest the ranch association of their foods. Brown is basically neutral due to its association with the earth and wood. It is not a color to catch your eye or to suggest action.

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